About Me

kenmarteney2015Hi, I’m Ken. This is my blog where I contemplate the wonders of the world, search for greater meaning in human existence and answer complex mathematical equations that bend the mind. Nah. I’m messing with you. But you are gonna love this blog.

I am a third-generation foster kid from the Los Angeles area. I’ve lived in foster homes, boys’ homes, group homes and at one time, a lava shoot on a beach. I emancipated at sixteen and went on to work my way around the globe, traveling as far east as England and as far west as Hawaii.

Having spent some time in foster care, I’m really passionate about kids in care. I mean really. Like don’t mess with them. You wanna tick me off? Mess with a kid.

So they say we write what we know and well, here’s what I know. Kids deserve a chance. Not just a half-baked chance. They deserve to thrive. They deserve the chance to dream and they deserve a team to help them achieve their dreams. So I write about how kids can not only survive, but thrive while in care. I write about how people around these kids can coach them to success. I also write about what I see around me, my crazy adventures and the miracle that is my surviving them. It hasn’t been a dull life.

So outward appearances would say I’m a normal guy. If I make my wife and kids laugh each day, I call it a success. In fact, growing up in my circumstances, I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Every. Day. I currently live in Texas with my wife and three kids.

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