Support growing to extend foster care until age 21

A proposal to extend foster care until the age of 21 is gaining traction in Ohio.

Kids currently age out of the system at 18, but social workers, and children’s advocacy groups say that can be a difficult transition.

Many adolescents aging out of the foster care system find themselves homeless, in trouble with the law and jobless.

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Camellia Network Supports Youths Who ‘age out’ of Foster Care

It was the decision to attend a New Year’s Eve party in San Francisco 13 years ago that led Isis Dallis Keigwin, CEO and co-founder of the Camellia Network, to provide life-lines for teens aging out of foster care.

Isis and the party’s host, Vanessa Diffenbaugh, were young professionals just starting out – Isis working in marketing for Old Navy and Vanessa at a local nonprofit. The two met that evening and remained close.

In 2010, Vanessa reached out to her old friend as she was about to embark on a book tour for her debut novel, The Language of Flowers. “She knew it was going to garner a lot of attention,” says Isis, “And she wanted to translate the attention into something tangible.”

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Lakota Child Foster Care Crisis

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has included South Dakota’s persistent and alleged illegal seizure of Lakota children in a report it is scheduled to present to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland in August.

The United Nations will convene the 85th session of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, at which the ACLU will present an update on the United States’ compliance issues with human rights provisions as set forth by the UN.

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