Is the Drugging of Foster Kids the New Norm?

There are a number of parents who are familiar with having been pulled discreetly aside by a teacher or doctor and told that their child’s disruptive behavior needed to be treated with a psychotropic or psychiatric medication.

As a licensed psychotherapist, I treat children whose parents have turned to me for help after having been referred by a teacher or doctor with the recommendation that they put their child on drugs to control their behavior.

Typically, the behavior that the school or physician is concerned with involves conduct that interrupts the flow of the teaching process in the classroom. This behavior could be speaking out of turn, squirming in the chair, getting out of a chair without permission, or other irritating behavior.

There are other instances in which the behavior could be considered more egregious and in some extreme situations, a threat to the safety of others, but this is usually not the case.

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