Robert Parsons: Fostering Change

Robert Parsons is a senior from Redford, Michigan, who is studying political science and pre-law. This summer, he was selected for an internship in Washington, D.C. as a Foster Youth Intern through the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

I was born in Detroit in March of 1994 to a biological mother who was a drug addict; she didn’t know she was pregnant, but simply complained of stomach pains. Within 12 hours of giving birth to me, she left the hospital and left me and to this day I have never met her or any member of my biological family. So there I was, born with drugs in my system and born into foster care.

To make matters worse I was born two months premature, with my lungs not fully developed. However, the foster care agency that had my case saw that I was placed with a family. Little did I know at that time, I had found a forever family. My placement was quite unique as I was an African-American baby and placed with an all-white family. But this family loved me like their own, having adopted three children prior to me.

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