Foster care system ‘slow’ to correct past failings – Clare O’Dea

Nobody knows how many children are in care in Switzerland. And differences in local organisational structures and standards for placements have meant that much needed reform of the foster care system is advancing at an uneven pace.

“We have children who have been through every imaginable kind of hardship. They have suffered neglect, hunger, physical and sexual abuse. What they need is security; instead they are delivered into a system with inbuilt discontinuity.”

Those are the words of children’s advocate and former foster child Urs Kaltenrieder, co-founder of Integration, a reputable foster placement organisation and support network in Emmental. Many of the children referred to his organisation have been through several previous placements.

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2 thoughts on “Foster care system ‘slow’ to correct past failings – Clare O’Dea

  1. I live in foster care in CT and I think for my state that it’s progressing but I believe that is because our youth have a voice and they are seeing the effects of those aging out of care and the lifestyles that they live. I agree with you. I have not heard anything about the foster care system in Switzerland. Keep me posted please. this is my passion.

    Great read

    • I completely agree with you. The only people that really know the system are the people on the inside and those that came from it. The walls are coming down. Everything is becoming more transparent.

      Sadly, the problems in our country aren’t unique to us.

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