Potter’s Field: Some deaths, like Jarrod Tutko Jr.’s, you simply can’t forget, coroner says

Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick saw the worst and best of man within a span of 24 hours several years ago.

A man had beaten his daughter to death with a video game controller. You literally could see the outline of the controller cable on the girl’s skin when she wound up on the autopsy table, Hetrick said.

When Hetrick opened the young girl’s body, every one of her major organs had been bruised.

Not long after the autopsy, the coroner traveled to Philadelphia to take in a Mozart concerto. As he listened to the celebrated classical music, it occurred to Hetrick that he had witnessed the lowest depravity of man, only to turn around and take in the best man had to offer during the concert.

Having seen more than 400 homicides since filling the coroner post in 1990, Hetrick doesn’t scare easily.

But there are particular cases that shake even the most seasoned coroner and law enforcement officials. And the coroner wept for what he saw that day.

When officials investigated the recent Jarrod Tutko Jr. death in Harrisburg, Hetrick said police were overtaken by the same emotions he felt the day he attended the concerto.

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