With Winter Coming, Will Children in Foster Care in Israel Weather the Storm?

When we invoke the name ‘Israel,’ the biblical personage of Jacob who received the name ‘Israel’ from God comes to mind.

Jacob grew up in a home which had its difficulties. He suffered from threats of violence and abuse from his older brother. These threats were so significant that he was forced to flee his home with no worldly possessions save the clothes on his back. Sadly, many of his descendants today are in the same situation.

There are thousands of children today in Israel who need to flee from abusive or unhealthy home environments. Like their biblical forefather, they too need to seek refuge and depend upon the kindness of strangers. Winter is coming, and they have no clothing or worldly possessions to keep them warm.

For children from Jerusalem to Eilat, The Summit Institute is there to offer help, support, a caring hand and warm clothes. “The children who are taken into foster care in Israel, are often escaping abusive or traumatic home lives, and they arrive with nothing except the clothes on their backs,” said Yoni Bogot, executive director of Summit.

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