Conyngham woman testifies about need for change in foster care system

A young woman who grew up in the foster care system in Luzerne County testified before a state House Committee on Monday about her experiences and why changes to state laws are so desperately needed.
Brittany Bullock, 20, now living in Conyngham, told the House Committee on Children and Youth what it was like transferring back and forth between Dan Flood and Hunlock Creek elementary schools, then to Solomon Plains, followed by three years of cyber schooling before spending her senior year at Coughlin High School before graduating.
“I was really awkward. I didn’t have any friends,” Bullock said. “I knew I was smart enough, but it affected my learning because I was so distracted with not fitting in and being picked on. It’s hard to put into words what it meant to have to restart my life over and over again. New places, new faces, not being able to establish a connection with people, because as soon as I started to feel comfortable, I was forced to move again.”

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