Taking the Fear out of Foster Care

When children are removed from their own homes, it’s usually because a judge has determined they would be unsafe if left there. Currently, approximately 400,000 children are in the foster care system, but about 60,000 are still in institutions or group homes because of the lack of available foster families.

Could you become a foster parent, opening your heart and home to a child who needs a family instead of an institution?

At Bethany Christian Services, we believe every child deserves a loving, caring home, and foster families offer this on a temporary basis as the child awaits reunification with the parents or adoption. As a foster parent, you are given a wonderful opportunity to influence a child during a time of crisis. What better way to demonstrate the love of Christ than to open your home to a frightened, vulnerable child who just needs some time—typically a few months to a year—in a safe, stable environment? I believe many Christian parents feel the tug on their hearts to do that but hold back because they’re afraid they might not be able to handle a child who has gone through such trauma.

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