Broken Bonds: Where do we go from here?

Other solutions to an overburdened system are less clear.

Before it was halted earlier this month, Georgia was preparing for a pilot program to privatize foster care in two regions of the state, Division of Family and Children Services’ Region 3 and Region 5. Region 3 includes Floyd and Bartow counties, the worst and second worst, respectively, for a lack of space available for foster children.

Region 5 centers around Clarke County, the seventh worst in that same category, all according to September 2014 data from DFCS. The rankings do not consider group housing.

The pilot program, in simple terms, was for the state to contract private agencies in the two districts to manage foster care services under the supervision of DFCS.

According to transcripts from the Georgia Department of Administrative Services, contracts were expected to begin Oct. 6. However, on Sept. 30, a notice of cancellation was issued by Bernard Joy, associate category manager for the Georgia Department of Administrative Services.

The state had “limited responses to the proposal,” and it was determined that “pricing exceeded budgeted amounts,” according to the cancellation notice.

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