‘Finding Forever Cup Exhibition’ highlights children in foster care

A Greenfield artist and mother of two adopted children has created an event to raise awareness for foster care and adoption in Massachusetts. “Finding Forever Cup Exhibition: Giving Voice to the Children of Foster Care,featuring handmade cups from potters across the country, opens Nov. 7 in Greenfield.

Pam Kinsmith, founder of the Finding Forever Project, said she had the idea for the exhibition a couple of years ago, when she was trying to think of something to benefit M.A.R.E., the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange.

“I’m an artist, and have been focusing on pottery since grad school,” Kinsmith said. “I had the idea of each cup or mug representing a child in the foster care system.”

Kinsmith, whose children, boy and girl siblings, were adopted with the help of M.A.R.E., said she talked with her partner, Gregory Aubin, about the concept.

“I didn’t want to request donations (of art),” Kinsmith said. “We talked about the model of the starving artist and the constant struggle for artists to make a living and be valued like any other profession. The artists must be paid for their work.”

Kinsmith said she has a number of potter friends and they all were enthusiastic about the project. After establishing a website, she began publicizing project across the country.

“I wanted to do it in November because it’s National Adoption Month,” she said. “I spoke with M.A.R.E. and they loved it; they’ll be coming and presenting materials.”

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