This pocket-guide offers easy tips, which are often overlooked, for success in the foster care system and beyond. Drawing on his past experiences as a system kid, Mr. Marteney offers insightful advice on how a few simple actions can have a huge impact on a foster child’s experience in the system.




Drawing on his experiences growing up in foster care, Mr. Marteney invites us to try a different approach to foster parenting, setting children up for success and making them more open to learning the skills they need to be a winner in the game of life.




care-leaver-fever1Ken Marteney offers a collection of short stories on food, fun and foster care. It’s funny, inspiring, a little sad at times, and may cause random outbursts of laughter. It’s like Dr. Seuss on meds.

And for you irresponsible readers, Mr. Marteney has this to say, “The reenactment of these stories should not be attempted on your own or in a home, but they can be told over the phone. Don’t do what I did!”



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